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Welcome to Baby Boomers Best Life

Therapeutic Artwork
Movement Therapy
Behavior Therapy

“Your journey to becoming your best self begins today”

 - Baby Boomers Best Life




Our virtual movement therapy sessions are designed specifically for baby boomers who want to improve their physical health and mobility. Our experienced coaches will guide you through a personalized exercise routine that will help you feel your best.

30 Min - $50 / 60 Min - $85





Our virtual movement therapy diagnosis sessions are designed to help you identify areas of weakness and develop a personalized exercise routine that will help you improve your physical health and mobility. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the process and help you feel your best.

30 Min - $45 / 60 Min - $80



Our virtual behavior therapy sessions are designed to help you identify negative behaviors and thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. Our trained therapists will work with you to create a personalized plan for achieving your goals and becoming your best self.

30 Min - $70 / 60 Min - $120

Our virtual therapeutic artwork sessions are designed to help you identify the underlying emotions and feeling through movement therapy and painting.  This is our most popular session and can be attended as a group. Price for first person then add ons listed below


After this session you will feel more relaxed and we will identify your underlying emotions and feeling from your painting.

1 Hour 30 Min - $175 First person

`Each add on in same workshop $35




At Baby Boomers Best Life, we are dedicated to helping baby boomers become their best selves. As a baby boomer herself, Janice understands the unique challenges that come with aging and is committed to helping others overcome them. Our virtual and live services are designed to improve physical health, mental wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

About Me.

I am Janice Jensen, a 64-year-old baby boomer defying my DNA and aging process. 


I serve my baby boomers & Gen Z with the knowledge I have gained.  See Janice’s bio at the bottom of this description to learn about Janice’s credentials. 


My Mission is to reverse aging. I want to create a world where humans love their age at every age. Age is a state of mind. Humans learn holistic ways to turn diseases by learning holistic paths. From des-ease into a more healthy life. We understand our thoughts matter. Our thoughts become matter that our mind is a blessed hard drive where we must disconnect from media, from the hamster wheel of life. 


Welcome to the ranch. Holistic and Historic 1882 Grote Ranch, Aat The No road noise, dark sky, light, or air pollution.   Breathe deep and disconnect. Then you are then guided to a healthy reconnection with your true, authentic self.   



movement, body outside, 

diet body inside, 

mind hard drive, 

True heart guidance. 

Soul your breath.


 Janice Jensen Biography


With dedication and determination, she resigned from her passion for teaching adolescents in North Las Vegas, where, along with fire drills, the school also drilled “stop drop and roll” for drive-by shootings. She moved with her young girls to a remote ranch in Texas, where she physically built her own home. With no hope of a teaching job in small-town Texas, she started living the life of an entrepreneur in 2002. Janice had taught thousands of students in Vegas how to become entrepreneurs now; it was her turn. 


She is the creator and founder of Personal Expressions Retreat, a top-rated non-profit for women who were official crime victims. From empowering these ladies, she branched out to everyone who has a desire to change. Forty years of experience in the education, healing, and wellness industry have made Janice an expert in the field of empowerment. She goes inward and brings outward power, never quitting a committed attitude. 


Notable Achievements

  • Master's degree in Educational Leadership, UNLV 1997

  • Accepted for Ph.D. Educational Leadership; Health & Wellness, ACE 2020

  • Certified in the art of guided meditation; Brahma Kumaris Abu Dhabi, UAE 2012

  • E500 certification RYT 500+ hours Documented Experienced Yoga Teacher 2017 +

  • IKYTA 220 hours certification, Kundalini Yoga Rishikesh, India w/ Vishnu & Gurmuck. 

  • Five Facet ™ Coaching

  • Speaker at the Women to Women’s Conference




Virtual and Live


Mon - Fri: 9am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: BY APPT


Thanks for contacting us!

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